Brands & Clients

Selected list of brands and clients I had the honor of working with. Please note that all trademarks belong to respective owners.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
  • Eastern Bank
  • Blink Roadside
  • nCrypted Cloud
  • BabbaCo
  • Agero
  • Honda
  • Acura
  • Everest Poker
  • ThinkingScreen Media
  • Travel Channel
  • PitneyBowes
  • Cass & Company
  • NYC & Company
  • Men's Vogue


A selected list of services I provide with the Meteor Dreams team

  • System Designs & Architecture
  • Development, Build & Deploy System/Process Creation
  • Web & Cloud Infrastructure Design
  • Engineering Team Development
  • Technology Transformation
  • Technology Training
  • …more

What People Say About Me

I’m privileged to have developed great friendships with all the colleagues and clients I’ve ever worked with. Here is some of what they said about me:

“Vuong has advised me and PRoPS for over a year and is one of the kindest, clearest and most talented technologists I have ever worked with.” —Ken Hamm (Founder & CEO at PRoPS)

“Vuong has a leadership and teaching style that reminded me a lot of my instructors from RISD. He rates a developer not on their current skill level but their potential. Vuong puts a major emphasis on understanding the foundation of development instead of just solving the current problem. He wanted his developers to understand the root of problems. Instead of just patching things up, he emphasized how to identify and solve problems in case similar issues arose. I agree very much on Vuong’s focus to teach foundational aspects of design/development and am glad he taught me how to prioritize teaching while also meeting project deadlines.” —Timofey Piper (Creative Director at Easter Labs - Eastern Bank)

“Vuong really enabled us to start building our tech from the ground up, while at the same time coaching and mentoring the junior developers. Vuong helped us build a clean, maintainable codebase and at the same time taught the development team how to do it again.” —Kirill Gertman (VP of Digital Product at Eastern Labs - Eastern Bank)

“As a team lead reporting directly to Vuong, I was able to learn and improved many areas of the web development process as well as management skills. I’m grateful for the way he helped built my foundation to become a better team lead and professional.” —Anton Vlasenko (Web Lead at nCrypted Cloud)

“Vuong is one of those rare technologists that is very in tune with the business side of the house. Vuong took the time to work with me and others in sales to help us with customers and prospects. He was never too busy to listen to what customers were telling us about our product and he was always willing to strategize with us on how to make the product easier to use based on inputs from customers and prospects.” —Thomas Murphy (Chief Business Officer at nCrypted Cloud)

“Vuong is a stellar developer, designer, and person. When he joined the team at HubSpot it was shocking how much he could tackle. Vuong worked through some of the craziest javascript and mobile browser issues I have ever seen, and he got it right.” —Dan Abdinoor (Lead Developer at HubSpot)



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